Mr. Buckley is an active member of the Swab-its Firearm Products division of Super Brush, LLC.

He currently is responsible for technical support sales for the Swab-its Firearm Division. Ethan has been and is currently involved in product development, new product launches, and related activities.  His most recent new product releases include the Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Swab and the Swab-its Bore-sticks.  Also, he is an active poster on social media, scripting and presenting how-to-do videos on cleaning firearms. Prior experience includes firearm and related sales in a gun store in Colorado.

He is an active and committed outdoorsman having hiked in the Andes, hunted in Africa as well as similar events in North America. He has been a ranch hand in Colorado, a zookeeper in Maine and an educational speaker in Missouri specializing in herpetology. He is a collector of firearms.

Mr. Buckley received a B.A. in Business Administration from Western State Colorado University.